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Valvoline and Mobil 1 are undoubtedly two stand-out brands when it comes to motor oils currently available on the market. Like any fuel, engine oil is one of the fluids that plays an extremely important role and dramatically influences a vehicle’s performance.

As you will already know, engine oil helps lubricate the engine parts, thereby limiting harmful ghosts, helping keep the engine’s internal components in a clean state and reducing friction.

People always ask, is Mobil 1 better than Valvoline? or is Valvoline better than Mobil 1? This article will provide you with a detailed comparison of Valvoline vs Mobil 1 motor oil, their features, similarities, and differences so that you’re able to pick the better one for your engine.

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What is Valvoline?

Valvoline is a very well-known and respected brand in research and manufacturing. Valvoline is produced by Valvoline Inc., is an American manufacturer and distributor of their Valvoline-brand automotive oils, additives, lubricants, and additives.

With the experience of one of the leading brands in its field, the second largest in the oil change service provide as of 2016, Valvoline continuously conducts research to bring users the best quality motor oils possible.

More specifically, this company focuses on performance and aims to balance product cost with what engine oils can do. And that is also the reason that Valvoline always receives a lot of attention from many different user groups.

What is Mobil 1?

Mobil or Mobil 1 is not the name of a particular product but is a common name for a line of synthetic motor oil and other automotive lubrication products originating from the corporation of the same name. Though originally developed by the Mobil oil company, they’re now marketed and sold by ExxonMobil.

Mobil owns a considerable amount of experience of more than 110 years in the research and production of grease products, lubricants, and additives. Therefore, it is not surprising that Mobil 1 engine oils, which have been around for almost 50 years, have always gained the trust and confidence of many generations of customers. With their products being known for quality structure and impressive performance.

Valvoline vs Mobile 1: Oil Leader Comparison

Before we head into the similarities and differences of the lubricant itself, let’s take a look at some of the great work both lubricant brands have done in regard to their sponsorships.

Valvoline has sponsored many auto races in order to market their motor oil, these include the SCCA national championship runoffs and the Bommarito Automotive Group 500. Valvoline owns the naming rights to the Sydney speedway in Australia, along with sponsoring the Australian Sprintcar Grand Prix.

In 2014, they were the official lubricant supplier for the Marussia F1 Team, and then the Manor Marussia F1 team in 2015. And more recently, they become sponsors for Sevilla FC, the La Liga football club, becoming a global partner with their logo appearing on matchday sleeves.

Mobil 1 have a very impressive journey in sponsorships, dating back to 1978 when they were sponsors of F1 team Williams for 10 years. Since then, they have been involved in F1 in a whole load of ways, sponsoring Benetton, Team Lotus, McLaren, Toyota, Brawn GP, Force India, Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Ross at various points in the last 30 years.

Mobil 1 also spent time sponsoring a football club in French Ligue 1 with football side Sochaux. On top of all this, they’ve not only sponsored teams across multiple sports but Mobil 1 sponsored the German Grand Prix from 1987 to 2006 and the French Grand Prix from 1998 to 2004. Since 2003, they have been the official sponsor NASCAR.

Valvoline vs Mobil 1 Similarities

There are some interesting similarities between Mobil 1 vs Valvoline that are important to highlight before targeting the differences. These similarities include:

  • Both fully synthetic oils
  • Compatibility
  • Uses

Valvoline Full Synthetic vs Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic

You will already know this, but engine oil is generally a combination of many different substances. The main component will be mineral base oil, semi-synthetic oil, or fully synthetic oil, and then include several supporting additives.

The base oil chosen, and its quality will significantly affect the supply performance of each lubricating oil. The key similarity between Valvoline vs Mobil 1 is that they’re both products made entirely from synthetic oils. Typically, these will be the most impressive oils performing on today’s market.

In addition to this, synthetic oils work as a cleaner, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the internal parts of your engine, especially with difficult-to-clean internal components like pistons.

Valvoline Synthetic Oil vs Mobil 1 Compatibility

Both the Valvoline full synthetic vs Mobil 1 are very affordable options for a wide variety of vehicles, regardless of engine type. The key thing to remember is that not every oil model will be suitable for many different engines.

Some Valvoline synthetic oil vs Mobil 1 are specifically designed for gasoline engines, while others will be specifically designed for diesel engines. Therefore, this allows for an easier selection due to the oils being compatible with many machines with different configurations.


Mobil 1 vs Valvoline both offer similar uses, in that they have many unique capabilities other than lubrication, such as optimizing engine performance, reducing friction for operating parts, and acting as a cleaning agent that helps prevent and treat unpleasant plaques on the inner components.

Valvoline Vs Mobil 1: The Key Differences

Of course, there are still some quite apparent differences between these two engine oil products, which we expect. We can rely on these characteristics to help us decide which is the right choice for use on our engine.

People will continuously debate Valvoline SynPower vs Mobil 1 extended performance, and though performance is crucial, there are other considerations at hand.

The two key points to consider are:

  • Price
  • Environmental Impact


The price is most likely a concern to anyone purchasing engine oil and is probably one of the most apparent differences between these two products. It can, however, be difficult to see a difference when comparing each lubricant sample.

But if you carefully analyse many products in the same segment, it is clear that the Valvoline models are still cheaper than Mobil 1. Therefore, lubricating oil models from Valvoline can be seen as the far more economical choice if you can’t afford to spend so much money for just a bottle of engine oil. But, this may not always be the case!

Environmental Impact

Environmental considerations are at the forefront of all manufacturing processes today, with manufacturers and consumers both paying more attention to the environmental impacts of products than ever before.

With Valvoline SynPower vs Mobil 1 synthetic oils, there have been numerous studies that have shown that the manufacturing processes of Valvoline products produce far more negative impacts on the environment than those of Mobil 1.

Although this factor does not significantly affect the performance of either lubricant, ignoring environmental issues can be quite dangerous in the present day. So if you are someone who cares a lot about environmental impact, then Mobil 1 will be the right choice for your engine oil.


5W30 vs 5W40 Engine Oil – What’s the Difference?

Valvoline vs Mobil 1: Which is Better?

Both Valvoline and Mobil 1 oils meet industry standards for the grades of oil they represent and will present no issues if you select the correct specification of oil for your engine. To be able to distinguish is Mobil 1 better than Valvoline, or is Valvoline better than Mobil 1, it’s best to take a look at both these lubricants’ key features!

Valvoline Key Features

Valvoline lubrication products are seen as an excellent choice for those who want an affordable product with excellent quality. Although it is seen as an affordable oil line for most users, people may assume that it’s manufactured on a budget but this isn’t the case. In terms of the structure of Valvoline, it is a lubricant made entirely from high-grade synthetic oils.

It’s important to note that you will find it really difficult to find fully synthetic oil samples that are as reasonably priced as Valvoline oil. This synthetic oil has an impressive ability to protect a car’s engine. Valvoline includes an impressive amount of additives with a wide range of versatility for various requirements.

Valvoline oils along with being packed with high-quality anti-wear additives, also possess high-performance antioxidants and the perfect level of detergent. Therefore, they’re capable of not only stopping at the level of anti-friction but providing complete protection performance.

Mobil 1 Key Features

Mobil 1 lubrication products demonstrate the sheer power of combining their modern production lines with hundreds of years of manufacturing and production experience. This allows Mobil 1 oils & lubricants to bring in advanced technology features while retaining the values ​​that have made a name for their product line over their long time.

Each product that Mobil 1 produces, regardless of its segment, is capable of operating stably for a fairly long time, sometimes reaching up to 20000 miles of road. This is a significantly higher number when compared to the other lubricants on the market.

Mobil 1 lubricants also contain special anti-friction protection for the engine’s internal components for a wide operating temperature range. That’s why you’ll find that this engine oil is extremely suitable for many powerful engine lines.

Valvoline SynPower vs Mobil 1 Extended Performance

When it comes to Valvoline SynPower vs Mobil 1, both manufacturers are going to claim that they produce the better oil, as you would expect, it would be silly for the company not to back their own product. With that being said, Valvoline claims to offer much better wear protection compared to Mobil 1 as a result of the industry-standard Sequence IVA test.

This industry-standard test helps in determining the wear performance of the car or two-wheeler engine oil. Multiple tests were run and they concluded that Valvoline SynPower was four times better than Mobil 1 in terms of wear protection when measured in 5W-30 grade tests. This may be different for Valvoline vs Mobil 1 0W20 for instance.

In addition to this, there is a letter from Valvoline containing significant information in regards to support the fact Valvoline SynPower offers a better performance advantage in comparison to Mobil 1. According to the company, there were many tests conducted to verify these facts by having an independent laboratory evaluate the SynPower as well as Mobil 1’s performance.

But like I said, I’m sure there are reports and findings conducted by Mobil 1 which would state how their oil outperforms Valvoline’s, and Castrol are bound to have their say too.

Valvoline SynPower vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Product Example & Review

Coming soon…

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Mobil better than Valvoline?

Mobil 1 offers high-performance oils designed to protect your engine even in the most extreme driving conditions, generally offering longer protection than Valvoline oils. While Valvoline oils are a more affordable option, this doesn’t necessarily mean Mobil are the better product.

Is Valvoline the best motor oil?

Valvoline is the best synthetic oil for your engine. Its main features make it a very popular choice for consumers. Even in dynamic environment changes, they are capable of maintaining fuel efficiency. On top of this, you can recycle its oil many times thus, being eco-friendly. Multiple industry-standard tests were run on Valvoline and Mobil 1 and they concluded that Valvoline SynPower was four times better than Mobil 1 in terms of wear protection when measured in 5W-30 grade tests.

Is Mobil 1 really better?

Depending on what you’re comparing Mobil 1 with, it is certainly better than conventional oils with other brand names. But, there are lubricants available, like Valvoline, that are equally as good if not better than Mobil 1 products.

Why is Valvoline so cheap?

Many people are quick to associate Valvoline’s cheap price with poorer quality but this isn’t the case. Valvoline is a lubricant made entirely from high-grade synthetic oils. The cheapness of the product is more likely to be down to the company aiming to edge their competition with lower prices, rather than a lack of quality.

If you have any questions regarding Valvoline vs Mobil 1 oil, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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