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During long periods of your car sitting dormant it’s possible that household bugs such as spiders and Moths can make a home for themselves in your car.

Moths in particular feed on natural materials and fibres, so typically wouldn’t be an issue with most cars being furnished with “man made fibres” which Moths don’t eat.

However, when man-made fibres become contaminated with animal fats and fibres, Moths can end up damaging your car interior.


Moth Larvae or Flying Moths in Car – Which Is Worse?

To be clear, adult flying moths aren’t the one’s doing the eating here. Instead, it’s the Moth Larvae that are doing the damage, chewing their way through your car interior – floor coverings, seat upholstery, roof linings, door cards and more.

Adult moths lay their moth eggs in the fabrics and textiles and then when they hatch, the Moth Larvae emerge and start munching on the Animal fat contaminated fabrics in which the adult moth purposely placed them.

The moth larvae grow, continue through metamorphosis and themselves turn into adult flying moths who continue the life cycle – with exponential growth. Adult moths can lay hundreds of eggs at a time.


Types Of Moths You’ll Get In Your Car

The particular moths you’re concerned about here are household moths, not garden moths. Household moths largely come in 2 categories;

  • Food Moths, and
  • Clothes Moths

Food moths (or Pantry Moths) are, as you can probably tell, more interested in foods such as Rice, Grain, Cereal and other Kitchen Cupboard delights.

Clothes moths on the other hand are interested in Textiles, clothing, rugs and… your car interior if it’s contaminated with Animal fats – which can easily happen if you’re in the habit of eating food and drink in your car, or placing the wrapping of food products in areas around your car.


Getting rid of Moths In Your Car

Getting rid of moths in your car is a little more complicated than just catching them using a Clothes Moth Trap – you actually need to tackle the underlying problem and kill the clothes moth larvae using a clothes moth killer kit designed to get rid of the moth larvae.

Using a combination of Moth Traps and Moth Sprays you can eradicate your moth problem from your cars interior.

Be careful to identify the moth correctly though – if you have in fact got a food moth problem, the moth traps for clothes moths won’t work on food moths (pantry moths) as the adult flying moths are attracted to different pheromones and won’t get attracted to or stuck in the sticky moth trap.


Is Your Car Attracting Moths?

If your car has been sat on the drive for a while and attracted some unwanted guests, you may want to invest in some Moth Control products and think about how you can prevent moths in the future!

We’ve used Moth Prevention products in our cars for a number of years and during the 2020 series of lockdowns the appearance of Moths in stationary vehicles and cars has increased dramatically.